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Douse free PC poetic game
Douse is an indie game from the inventive minds of the students of the Digipen Institute of Technology and also a poetic experience that would be a great fit to the collection of fans of games such as Flower or Journey. A free platformer game in beautiful 2D, Douse stars a main character that will make you think again about a drop of rain. The rain sprite that falls from the sky and into a supposedly lush forest has to find a way back home, meaning the clouds in the sky.

The way home is beautiful, peaceful and without any real challenge, since the idea of the game is to explore the amazing artwork that comprise the environment, relax to the soothing piano music and rain sounds and complete the mission of our beloved rain sprite. The adventure is made all the better with a gimmick that adds to the poetic aspect of the game, which is the ability to control rain and bring life back to plants, trees, flowers and everything else that was fading away in this forest. The mouse controls the rain stream and will bring back the beauty of the forest, creating platforms where we would otherwise be blocked, but also bringing the background to life, adding incredibly chosen colors to the hand-drawn graphics.

There’s no high score to beat in Douse, no enemies to kill or avoid, not a sight of any meter to hinder the beautiful visuals. So, what could possibly be a negative in this game? Sadly, the extremely short longevity. With only three sections to explore, Douse will be over in 15 minutes, with the rain sprite rejoining its friends in the clouds after climbing a tree. It made us yearn for a longer game. Douse is beautiful to look at, soothing to play and an experience that will most likely make you smile.

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