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Cookie Run Kingdom Redeem Codes List

(Last update on January 30, 2021) As sweet as they may be, cookies are always up to a good brawl. That is the case in DevSisters' latest game, Cookie Run: Kingdom, the new chapter in the series that features Cookie Run: Ovenbreak, Ovenbreak 2, and Cookie Run: Jelly Pop, among others. But the clash isn't going to be easy, so it's a good thing that you can boost your cookie army with new recruits via a gacha system. To level up your cookies, you have to farm resources every day that you can, enhance your kingdom's buildings, and hope for the best. Luckily, we have this Cookie Run Kingdom redeem codes list to provide you with frequent new coupon codes that offer several valuable rewards.

Cookie Run Kingdom Redeem Codes List


The developers of Cookie Run: Kingdom aren't wasting any time handing out codes to new players. This is perfect, because you need all the gems that you can get your sugary hands on. The exchange codes below are official and released only by the makers of the game and are in no way hacks or cheats, so you can safely redeem them for gift packs.

Here are the Cookie Run: Kingdom codes that have been released so far:


Most comes should have an expiration date or limited number of uses, so don't wait or it may be too late to redeem your rewards. Hurry up and claim your prize before the code is deemed invalid. But how can you use the codes in Cookie Run: Kingdom? That's what we're going to tell you below.

How to Redeem Your Cookie Run Kingdom Codes

The following guide will tell you all about how you can redeem your prizes in Cookie Run: Kingdom. Instead of claiming the codes in the game itself, Devsisters set up an official page where you can go and enter your character data, along with the code that you wish to redeem. Always make sure that you are on the real page, not some sort of fake site that may be attempting to steal your information.

The official coupon redeem page is here. As you can see, you must enter your account name and the coupon code, which is comprised of 16 digits. That same page has instructions on how to find your User Info in the game, in case you feel lost in this crucial step. After that, all that you must do is click Claim Reward and if it was a working code, the gifts should land in your in-game mail.

Cookie Run: Kingdom features a high rating in the Play Store and App Store, which means that it is being

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Dauntless features some incredible creatures, clever skill-based gameplay and a long list of upcoming content (creatures, endgame, and so on) to ensure that this is a free-to-play game done right, and that it will remain fresh for several years.

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