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Cuby the Game

Cuby the Game free PC puzzle game
Cuby the Game is a game about cubes, puzzles and an unlikely love story. This freeware PC game teaches us all we need to know about the amazing world of cubes, a world with more than meets the eye. You control a blue cube, one that has a flaming passion for a pink cube, which is unaware and inadvertently on the run.

Set in a world solely comprised of cubes – think of Minecraft but without the freedom to craft –, Cuby the Game offers three levels to explore and plenty of challenges to overcome before you join your beloved pink cube. The blue cube naturally doesn’t walk, it rolls and jumps over obstacles. To lift some bridges and create some stairs you have to solve puzzles such as pushing crates to switches, be it simple crates or with the need to match symbols. There’s also a little bit of Pac-Man, with many little yellow cubes that you can collect to increase the score, but this is just an added bonus for those who love to faultlessly complete their games. Some of these dots are in incredibly hard to reach places, so the task will be extremely difficult.

Later you’ll face some enemies – cubes, obviously – which move around and fire, so you’ll have to kill them Super Mario style – by jumping on them.

The 3D camera is fixed and occasionally switches position, freezing the game for a second to avoid confusion. However, sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish the position of the yellow cubes and you will only grab them by trial and error jumping. The soundtrack is comprised of some classical music from Mozart, Bach and Beethoven, among others.

Cuby the Game is a free PC game with the most unlikely of the love stories. It’s a competent puzzle game, slow paced as they should be but with enough going on to keep you interested for an hour or so.

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