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Goupe free PC action platformer
Fans of classic Silly Putty or Putty Squad rejoice, there’s a new goo in town. Goupé is a freeware 2.5D platformer developed in five months by a team of students from the Full Sail University and starring a French amorphous blob that is trying to escape a meltdown in a hazardous factory. Formerly a French chemist, he is now the unfortunate victim of an experience gone incredibly wrong.

This is an extraordinarily polished platformer/puzzle game not unlike fan favorites Super Meat Boy and VVVVV or the free PC games I Wanna Be the Guy and Inside My Radio, requiring perfect timing when you’re bouncing up and down, sticking during a few seconds to every wall, ceiling and moving platforms, avoiding the numerous rows of spikes, toxic waste pits and other traps. There’s also a timer in every one of the 30 sections of the game, which means that when the clock ends, our French blob is stuck in the factory and made into a stinky pile of goo.

Gameplay is fluid and the controls are smooth as they should be to work in a challenging game like this. Being killed doesn’t mean it’s the end, since you have infinite lives; it’s just one of the many times when you’ll be taken back to the checkpoint. This indie game shines in every department, from the longevity of the main campaign to the additional game modes and even an intuitive in-game level editor called Forge. There’s split-screen multiplayer for up to four players, in racing or score modes and there’s support for an Xbox 360 gamepad. The cherry on top of this gooey cake will surely please Team Fortress 2 players – there are several dozens of hats to collect and use in our blob, from Mexican to Viking hats to crazy hairdos ranging from Pokémon to Dragon Ball.

Goupe is a fantastic platformer with a challenging difficulty level, high resolution graphics and smooth controls.

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