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Flying Pigs

Flying Pigs free PC Angry Birds inspired gameAngry Birds is a worldwide phenomenon and there’s no escaping its grasp. But what if the pigs replaced the birds and had to knock down big, bad wolves (actually, they’re cut and fluffy)? Inspired by the classic fairy tale of the three little pigs, Angry Pigs… I mean, Flying Pigs is as simple and just as addictive.

This free Japanese PC game puts the cute pigs fighting back the wolves, using a very orthodox method: shooting themselves off a cannon. Well, at least they’re wearing helmets – safety first! In full 3D, this game asks the player to hit or topple all the wolves in a level, using the arrow keys to move the cannon around the wolves’ fortress and to control the inclination of the shot – use Space to shoot. Obviously, the number of shots (meaning pigs) is limited, so accuracy is essential. A few extra shots may be used to collect the coins and there’s also a high score to keep us playing over and over again.

Flying Pigs is great fun and very addictive, with dozens of levels to conquer and some cool power-ups to send the wolves and boxes flying in the air (bombs, for example). Although physics aren’t exactly perfect – the pigs should bounce more, instead of getting glued to the ground most of the time – they are perfectly serviceable. Absolutely recommended for those who wish to burn a few minutes now and then.

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