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Quasar indie adventure game for PCQuasar is an exercise in getting your stuff together and cooperating for the best of the group. It’s also a free adventure game for PC developed by Crystal Shard, the same indie studio behind the acclaimed A Tale of Two Kingdoms.

Quasar is set in a spaceship and the crew is on the edge, angry with each other and unwilling to cooperate. The player has to work to make them get along. Although it’s a short game with only six screens and not particularly difficult, there are some challenges to overcome. The reason why things aren’t that simple is that the player is able to control four different characters, each one with his or her own specific abilities.

When the game begins we are only capable of controlling one character, but as things unfold, other characters join our cause and we can use their own skills. For example, there’s one door that only the engineer is capable of opening. There’s some difficulty intrinsic to the fact that there must be some inventory juggling, passing important objects to other characters, but nothing too taxing. The graphics are clearly retro but there’s the usual charm to it, with somewhat detailed characters and settings. An additional voice pack adds greatly to the atmosphere.

Quasar is an interesting point and click adventure based on human relationships and should be played by fans of old Sierra and LucasArts games.

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