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Ballistic Fist

Ballistic Fist free indie PC fighting gameWhile there are plenty of MUGEN fighting games on PC, not all of them have the desired quality. Once in a while, a game such as Ballistic Fist appears and shows what an indie studio can do. In this case, it was Shameless Studios, a team of students from the Full Sail University in Florida.

While miles away from Street Fighter X Tekken and other retail games (obviously!), Ballistic Fist is a great free 3D beat’em up that ticks all the right boxes – different characters (more on that later), a few distinctive scenarios to choose from and some impressive special moves. With a range of punches and kicks, a gamepad is highly recommended but it’s possible to play using the keyboard. In case of a two-player match, it’s mandatory to have a gamepad, since there is no online option.

There are all the usual game modes one can expect from a beat’em up – training, arcade and versus. The major downside in this game is the small number of fighters, just four. However, it’s understandable since it’s clear that a lot of work went into each one of them. The only female character is Isabella, a Hispanic female ninja who has a special rotating kick that looks a lot like the hurricane kick from Ryu. Ivan is a former Russian commando (think of him as the Zangief of Ballistic Fist), Isaac is an American street boxer and Isamu is the odd one out – he looks a lot like the Predator, but he’s in fact a Japanese cybernetic assassin. The four of them will fight in countries such as the US, Brazil, Japan, Russia, Ireland and there’s also the training room, a spot that shouldn’t be overlooked, since it’s a good place to learn about the move combinations (there’s a command list in the pause button).

What’s most impressive about Ballistic Fist is the smoothness of it – it’s full screen, the 3D models really flow, punches and kicks chained in a convincing manner and things go all psychedelic when a signature move is used. The gameplay really shines and proof that nothing was left to chance in this game is the soundtrack, a nice companion to the frantic fights. Take a look at the video and download this great freeware beat’em up!

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