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Caged Math

Caged Math free mathematics gameCaged Math is a mathematical game created by Jan Nohavica and inspired by KenKen, a logic game imagined by Tetsuya Miyamoto. The game also features some similarities to the popular puzzle game Sudoku.

For a freeware release (the author would certainly deserve and appreciate a donation), Caged Math is an extremely polished game featuring plenty of options to keep logic fans stimulated, even offering graphical resolutions up to 1920x1080. There are puzzles for every kind of player, from the amateurs to the most gifted in arithmetic – and although we’re part of the former, we still enjoyed our time in the game and managed to exercise our brain at the same time.

The author offers the option to select board sizes from 4 to 10 and bigger doesn’t necessarily means more complicated – that’s something that has to be chosen in the difficulty setting, with easy, medium, hard and expert options. A larger board is guaranteed to take quite some time to solve, since besides adding numbers to the cages according to the displayed operation (addition, multiplication, subtraction, division and equal) to end with the correct result, the player has to make sure that no column or row repeats the same number, just like in Sudoku. It’s more complicated than it seems at first glance, but a check option is helpful for knowing where we’re making mistakes. Caged Math includes an online mode to test our skills against other players, a scoreboard to track our performance and some challenges (achievements) to keep us honing our math expertise.

Caged Math is the sort of rare and clever game, one that puts our logic to the test and still ends up as a great distraction. Absolutely recommended for those who aren’t just driven by the number of bodies they drop in their run-of-the-mill FPS game.

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