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Masked freeware room escape adventure gameMasked is a free short game from the popular room escape genre, but this one has a kind of intense and dark vibe, often uncomfortable and even managing to instill fear in the player. The premise has a sort of Saw uniqueness to it, with this mysterious masked woman watching our every step and rambling about some events that we will have to piece together to make sense of the story.

The game takes place in a single room, however we can watch it from different angles and there’s a final place for the story to end. Before we can reach the climax we have to inspect every object in the room and solve the fairly easy and intuitive puzzles, while the masked woman keeps on telling us some of her memories and letting the player know about a story that isn’t served on a plate, instead requiring just a little bit of imagination to make sense. The writing is clever and there is even a nice reference to the movie Titanic, only with a slightly less romantic approach…

This is an experience that won’t last over half an hour for a good adventure player and this will be time well spent even for those who don’t particularly appreciate the room escape genre. The dark atmosphere manages to make Masked stand out from the rest and there’s a genuine curiosity in the player to actually find out how he can escape, or if the masked woman deemed that our sins deserve no second chance.

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