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Seven Souls Online



Seven Souls Online (aka Martial Empires) is a free-to-play MMORPG with a compelling combat system, offering the opportunity for chain attacks that result in impressive combos. As expected, there a nice focus on PvP, since the player may try to conquer entire regions from other players, joining guilds to enter in massive battles.

There are only three classes available and they are gender-locked, something that a lot of players won’t appreciate, but the customization options are more than enough to make up for this flaw. There’s even a chest slider for the female character, just like in the action MMO Vindictus, so that players may choose the exact proportions that they want to be looking at during gameplay. Also, the random feature turns out some great combinations and is a nice way of creating exotic characters.

Seven Souls Online visuals are some of the finest seen in an Asian F2P MMORPG, complete with nice visual effects in combat. Textures, however, are not as sharp as they could to match the high standards seen in the rest of the game.

As for gameplay, besides the interesting combat, there are some clever quests to be found amidst the more generic MMORPG elements. Despite bringing nothing new to the table, Seven Souls Online is one of the best examples of the genre.