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And Then There Were None

And Then There Were None free indie gameDespite having the name of an Agatha Christie novel, this And Then There Were None is a free indie game by Russian developer Saintheiser, the same author behind puzzle game Danger! Energy, original psychedelic shooter e3.14 Center and others.

In And Then There Were None we control a character that is lost in a raging snowstorm, struggling for survival not just against the forces of nature but also trying to escape the mysterious ice foes that are trying to kill him. The only thing that may help us is a voice in a radio that advices him to get some equipment to help in the exploration of the hostile surroundings. Things such as boots to jump higher or a radio to send radio signals and jump on the antennas (it’s weird, we know), besides a very helpful gun are objects that will prove to be vital.

The game offers five chapters and four difficulty levels that will be suitable to any kind of player, although the normal level is already pretty unforgiving. It’s not as taxing or fast-paced as Super Meat Boy or I Wanna Be the Guy, but a miscalculation in the many jumps may be enough to send us back to the beginning of the chapter, since our unlucky character only has three health points maximum.

And Then There Were None is a platformer with some visual ingenuity, going for a stripped down approach that worked wonders with games such as Limbo. The white screen is ravaged by snowstorms of different intensity and when we wander too far from the radio signal, static invades the screen. The only thing that adds some color to the proceedings is, ironically, the red blood splatters of our recently demised hero. And Then There Were None lives up to its name.

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