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Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles

Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles freeware puzzle gameWind and Water: Puzzle Battles is developed by an independent studio from Costa Rica and is now a free game for download on PC. It features impressive hand-drawn pixel art visuals and blends the gameplay of match three games with RPG elements, offering over 30 hours of gameplay on the story mode alone! Wind and Water offers several additional modes, including a complete tutorial, arcade mode, puzzle mode and other extras.

The gameplay rests on the combination of blocks of different colors. The rotation of the pieces allows for alignments of 4 or more blocks (according to the objective of the mission), causing them to disappear. Wind and Water was initially released in August 2007 for the GP2X console and on November 2008 for the Dreamcast, and is now free-to-play on Windows PC, including compatibility with Windows 7.

Free Full PC Game Download (28 MB):
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