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Rework the Dead: Evil

Rework the Dead: Evil freeware action shooterRework the Dead: Evil is an action-packed free platform game inspired by and featuring a gameplay in the style of classic Abuse, with a hint of Gun Girl.

The story isn’t the most original but it serves the action well, tasking the player with the need to eradicate the underground of a city that is filled with deadly creatures, including some impressive bosses. The government wants to eliminate the creatures by blowing up the entire city, so we have little time to survive and avoid this by reaching a bunker of a military base.

The execution of the game not only favors all-out shooting, using the mouse to shoot the enemies, but sometimes there’s a need for survival, to plan a better approach than direct confrontation. There are several weapons to use and a lot of zombies to eliminate, along with some different environments and a few hacking.

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