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TERA Rising
Best action combat MMORPG
Battleground of the Gods
One Piece Online
One Piece MMORPG

Echo of Soul

Echo of Soul is an acclaimed free MMORPG from South Korea that is coming to North America and Europe in Spring 2015, beginning with a very limited closed beta. This game was developed by Nvius, a studio comprised of key staff that worked on Lineage 2.

Echo of Soul features 5 classes at launch with very different specializations, and is renowned for the high polished and fun gameplay.

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Chaos Online

Chaos Online is a free isometric MMORPG that is perfect for players who wish to spend some time in a game that begins smoothly, but later on becomes more demanding and in-depth. There's plenty to do and discover in this game: you can recruit allies, use mounts, enter challenging arena duels, plan the tactics and strategies of your team and much more. Characters in this game show a bit of skin from time to time and appear in suggestive poses, so consider yourself warned.

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Nosgoth is a spin-off of the popular Legacy of Kain series and the first game in the franchise to take the currenly popular free-to-play and multiplayer approach. In this game players will join the eternal battle between humans and vampires, the two factions in the game. Choosing your faction will influence the way you travel the maps, seeing that humans are more gifted in weaponry while vampires are at their best when using their supernatural speed and even climbing and flying. The two factions are asymmetrical, providing a gameplay that escapes from the usual bland choice where there's nearly no difference between the two sides.

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CroNix Online

CroNix Online is a free-to-play third-person brawler similar to ArcheBlade, where a group of diverse and peculiar characters battle in several game modes. With a weighty feel to the frantic gameplay and plenty of special skills, CroNix Online is a recommended game for those in search of a fun and strategic brawler.

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