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M.A.Z.E. is a game where you are thrown into a maze and have to overcome fear to find the exit. This maze is the stage for a freeware horror game that is more difficult that it may seem at first, since to leave this place you have to solve a few puzzles, while being scared by the entities that inhabit the place.

With the help of a map – that doesn’t mark the place where you’re at, just like a real paper map – and a flashlight, you’ll have to explore every corner in order to find the hints that will take you to the next place of interaction. You can draw some crosses in order to remember where you’ve been, a useful option since the walls in this maze pretty much all look the same.

A game set in a maze isn’t exactly the most brilliant project, but M.A.Z.E. completely serves its purpose – to give you a nice dose of jump scares and instill fear while offering a challenge that will take some thought to be completed.

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