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Salvage Youth

When planet Earth just can’t take anymore, it’s time for humanity to move to another planet. A planet where the grass cuts itself and there’s an endless supply of good things. Such is the starting point of Salvage Youth, a free 2.5D puzzle platformer from a team of Digipen students.

The game is a nice mix of platformer and puzzles, with the three main characters having to cooperate to progress. Jenny is capable of fixing things, Stu is a strong boy capable of carrying and throwing stuff around and Dustin is the athletic type, being able to sprint and double jump. In their adventure they were left behind and have to rebuild their rocketship to catch up to their parents. That’s mighty careless of the parents, we might say.

Salvage Youth has some nice graphics and will test your wits across several settings. There are a few glitches related to collision detection, but that’s not enough to hinder the overall nice work in this game.

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