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Once in a while an extraordinary game comes out of the blue and surprises everyone. Maybe it’s a Journey or an Okami, but sometimes it’s a freeware game like this one from a group of students of the Vancouver Film School. Pulse is getting some well-deserved awards and it’s a game where everything seems to blend perfectly, from the visuals to the sounds and gameplay.

Originality is perhaps the main factor that drives this game. Described by its authors as a first person survival game, the amazing thing is that the player steps into the shows of a blind girl that must use echolocation to reveal the world surrounding her. Headphones are mandatory to completely enjoy this one of a kind experience, since Pulse is a game where the sounds will help us navigate the mostly dark world.

You have to step carefully so that you don’t fall down a precipice, but there are other things besides environmental sounds to help you progress. Some cute creatures called Mokos are there to help you in the weirdest ways – you pick them up and throw them wherever you want, with their sound revealing the path in front of you. Luckily the Mokos will always return to your help, unless you throw them to their doom…

The forest isn’t just unpredictable, there are some tribal beasts that terrify the Mokos (it’s just so cute how they shake!) and you, making you run without seeing a thing. Besides this terrifying challenges, there are some puzzles to overcome, using the help of some larger Mokos that are more interested in sleeping through the whole thing, but serve as perfect paperweights for certain switches.

But Pulse is a game that is hard to describe, it has to be played to understand how everything flows so perfectly. We won’t forget it for a while and if you like some originality and freshness with your games, you just can’t miss it.

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