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Slender's Woods

Slender’s Woods is one of the best takes on the Slender Man myth so far. Although inspired by the Slender: The Eight Pages game that became a phenomenon, this short and free horror game features a different kind of gameplay, one with storytelling. The idea isn’t to collect several pages or items, but to explore the environment and find clues while escaping from the terrifying Slender Man.

The story is about a man who decides to move back into a house deep in the woods for a week, to clear his mind. The man suddenly hears strange noises outside one night and decides to check it out. The story has quite a few twists and turns before the mystery is solved. The quest will take you to places such as underground tunnels, a mansion or a sawmill and you’ll even get a gun at some point!

Besides the story mode, there’s a regular page collecting mode for those who just can’t get enough of being chased in the woods by Slender Man.

Slender’s Woods is a refreshing game, one that dares to evolve the concept and actually manages to maintain the creepy atmosphere while having a compelling story that drives us further, trying to solve the mystery. If you like to be scared then this is a great choice.

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