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Soundless Mountain 2

Soundless Mountain 2 freeware PC Silent Hill 2 remakeThe title Soundless Mountain 2 is one that may sound strange at first but makes complete sense when we realize that this is a remake of the classic game Silent Hill 2. Or better, a demake, since it is heavily based on retro visuals and pixel art to recreate Konami’s amazing and haunting survival horror experience. You know, the one before the franchise took a serious turn to action and began to devaluate the much appreciated horror elements.

Soundless Mountain 2 is a creation of Superflat Games, the studio from Jasper Byrne. This is a game from 2008, but still manages to faithfully recreate the Silent Hill 2 tension – that’s one of the advantages of retro remakes, they never get old. As a side note, Superflat Games launched their own survival horror game Lone Survivor, a game that uses a greatly evolved style of pixel art and that is getting critical acclaim from every corner.

As for Soundless Mountain 2, a freeware game, it’s impressive how it captures the oppressive feel of the original game. The premise of desperately trying to find our dead wife in a hazy and nightmarish environment remains a fantastic one, reinforced by the atmosphere that Superflat Games conveyed. The fog, the deserted city streets and the unsettling feeling that something horrible is brewing is as strong as expected, but this is obviously a game that will be enjoyed thoroughly by Silent Hill 2 fans, those who already know the story and can delight themselves in the tiny nuances. And the soundtrack is also a simpler version of the amazing Akira Yamaoka work, with the eerie and scary sounds that made the series so famous.

Not everything is perfect, though – combat may seem just an affair of aligning with our foes (you’re better off running, as fans of Silent Hill should know) and it takes a while to get used to the map. However, these are small niggles in what is a truly precious work for fans of Silent Hill and a reminder of a classic game that privileged atmosphere over action.

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