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Heritage free PC horror adventure gameHorror games are few and far between and even popular franchises such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill abandoned most of the scary elements in favor of a more commercial approach – meaning more combat and less atmosphere. So it’s great when small indie studio BLF decides to release a freeware horror adventure game much in the same style as classics such as 7th Guest and 11th Hour. Minus the live action visuals, that is.

However, don’t think that Heritage is hastily made. In fact, it could easily be sold digitally by a couple of dollars, since there really is a shine to it. For starters, the 3D space is entirely navigable and most of the objects in the house can be interacted with. The sound design is also consistent and reinforces the eerie feeling that persists through the game. It’s also a game that can get under your skin, using some occasional set pieces to surprise and scare the player when he least expected.

The story places us in the shoes of a young woman who just lost her grandmother and inherited the house. She decided to head over there and meditate for a while, but it seems that the empty house is inhabited by something. What could lie between the vacant rooms and what macabre situations happened there?

The premise of the haunted house is far from original but the realization is solid and effective. The adventure begins slowly and peacefully like a trip down memory lane but things become really gloomy near the end, culminating in a very satisfying – and horrifying – ending. The several puzzles require a lot of thinking and are sure to occasionally frustrate players for quite a while, since the available clues are somewhat cryptic. There’s an undeniable feeling of accomplishment after solving each one and the certainty that we’re one step closer to solve the mystery.

Heritage is a high quality free PC game in a genre that is mostly forgotten or badly developed. It’s for fans of puzzle games but not for the faint of heart, since the mood is unsettling and there are some shocks along the way. We were pleasantly surprised by this game and expect some nightmares now and then!

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