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Juniper's Knot

Junipers Knot free PC game novelJuniper’s Knot is a short visual novel from Dischan that any player may download and play for free. Actually, ‘play’ is too strong a word for this genre, since interaction is solely based on reading and enjoying the story and visuals that the authors devised for us. And they managed to grab our full attention for the hour or so that this tale lasts.

It’s the story of a female demon that is entrapped for centuries and a boy who is lost. The two very different beings stumble upon each other and a lot of feelings and fears occur. The boy is naturally kind but suspicious and the demon is haunted by the lengthy entrapment and the desire of using the boy to finally be set free. The tale is told from the two perspectives and the player, or reader, gets to know what torments each one of the characters and what could possibly be the outcome.

Will the demon’s true instincts take the best of her or is there another way for two so dissimilar creatures to put aside their differences and work out a solution? The quality of the artwork may be the first thing that strikes us, but the writing quickly proves to be of great detail, even daring to go to some foul-mouthed passages that actually seem consistent with the feelings that the demon experiences.

Some sound effects add a nice touch to the situations and the beautiful music creates a great atmosphere. After the ending we get access to the extras, including the soundtrack and some artworks.

Juniper’s Knot is a nice way to spend a few minutes with a compelling story that may touch readers and that actually may lift some spirits. Just remember that it’s not a proper game and you’ll enjoy the most of it.

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