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Unga Needs Mumba

Unga Needs Mumba free adventure games PCThings may be looking grim for our society nowadays, but life in prehistoric times wasn’t any easier. The motives may be different but couples also had discussions about important things such as dinner. Unga comes home after hunting a small rodent for dinner with his wife Nonga, but she’s tired of eating the same creature and asks… well, more like demands him to go hunt some juicy Mumba for dinner. A Mumba is… a mammoth!

Resigned with his fate, Unga sets out to hunt a Mumba in this freeware adventure game. But first, he has to win the favor of the god of hunting by doing a sacrifice. He also has to convince other, more powerful hunters to leave their daily chores (getting a figurine for their wives) and help him. As usual in point and click games, things start complicated and they only get worse.

Unga Needs Mumba ticks all the right boxes for a good adventure game. The interface is extremely simple and pratical, there are 10 locations to visit that can be accessed through a global map, the retro graphics are very catchy and with some distinct personality to the characters and all of them are fully voiced in a convincing manner. Unga himself has the kind of rough voice that we generally associate to prehistoric men. In an inventive move, the authors of the game even created some comprehensible words to build on the ancient setting.

This is a game where dialogs and usually fun and the comedic tone is never rude or over the top, mostly it’s clever humor. There’s even a passage where our character is speaking in the way of old mute movies, with the black screen with text showing up each time he moves his lips. It’s a somewhat trippy – you’ll see – but enjoyable sequence.

As is the entire game, we should add. Fans of adventure games – and it seems they’re making a comeback, with the Kickstarter Double Fine Adventure and Jane Jensen projects earning an amazing attention from players – should definitely check Unga’s quest and help in his hunt for a Mumba. He’ll need all the help he can get...

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