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Microsoft Flight

Microsoft FlightMicrosoft is back to one of its first passions – free flight. After the classic Flight Simulator series here’s Microsoft Flight, a new version that brings back all the previous flavor but that adds many features to the mix. Best of all, it’s a free-to-play game, or should we say a free-to-play relaxing experience?

Although aimed at those who wish to peacefully soar the skies and appreciate the beautiful vistas, Microsoft Flight isn’t restricted to casual players. Controls are as simple and intuitive as it gets, but this doesn’t mean that any sacrifices are made regarding the realism of the experience and the pleasure of flying. Players may choose between having flight aids activated or deactivate them for a more realistic approach.

Initially, Microsoft Flight offers two planes with which we may cross the skies of the beautiful island of Hawaii, but Microsoft plans to sell DLC containing new planes and territories.

Competitive pilots have a range of activities and challenges to keep them on the edge of their seats. While the first missions act as the usual tutorial, soon things get more challenging. Challenges such as delivering cargo or transporting passengers, as well as rescuing people will keep players entertained for a while. There are more technical tasks such as landing in a specific spot or flying through hoops, all of them with bronze, silver or gold trophies to conquer and experience points to earn.

Up to 16 players may simultaneously cross the skies and explore other features that the game has to offer, such as discovering the hidden objects that are spread across the island.

Microsoft Flight is a competent game and one that can be enjoyed to the full by those looking for a relaxed experience and some sight-seeing. It’s somewhat light in content but those wishing for more will have to spend some cash on DLC and at the same time support the people that developed the game.

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