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The trading card game phenomenon is one that maintains its reputation, even if it’s more of a niche one. Games such as Sword Girls use the strength of amazing artists to offer cards that are a delight to look at and collect, but gameplay has to follow suit so that the initial appeal won’t wear thin after a couple of matches.

Carte is a free-to-play TCG that unusually requires a client download, but it’s worth the time and effort. There’s nothing like taking a break from the usual running and monster clicking of the average MMORPG and Carte offers a different view of a fantasy world, full of mystical creatures and beautiful characters. There’s a story and five factions in a world at war, resulting in different powers and playing styles, offering players some clever game mechanics that aren’t wildly original but do the job nicely. The inclusion of tournaments are a nice draw to players willing to test their strategies and hopefully the item store won’t be flooded with rare cards that bring clear and unfair advantages to paying players.

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