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Mari0 free platformer and puzzle gameMari0 is the unlikely combination of two classic videogames from very different eras. Although this kind of experimentation could easily result in a dodgy effort, Mari0 manages to be a great tribute to both Super Mario Bros. from Nintendo and Portal from Valve.

To give Mario a portal gun is to open an entirely new world for the famous plumber to explore and overcome. The feel is that of the 1985 original Mario game but the mechanics are a blissful mix of platforming and puzzle, with a retro style that will fascinate fans of Mario, but not just them. Having a four player coop mode ensures that there will be many portals thrown around and a lot of fun missteps.

The level editor that the creator used to build the game is included as a real treat to players who are willing to create their own works and further experiment with the portal gun. With the added option to play levels created by other players, the longevity is amazing.

Mari0 includes other nice features that many freeware games usually forget. Things such as 33 hats for Mario to use, lots of game modifiers such as shaders, a black and white option and more. Fans shouldn’t miss this for nothing in the world, since it’s a game whose quality and ingenuity is becoming known all over the world!

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