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Renegade X: Black Dawn

Renegade X: Black Dawn free single FPS Command and Conquer gameThose who are still waiting for a great iteration of the RTS Command & Conquer as first-person shooter must absolutely check Renegade X, an indie game from the studio Totem Arts. This is an FPS powered by the Unreal Engine 3 that was developed during a period of two years of work.

The most interesting thing is that Renegade X: Black Dawn is a freeware standalone single-player game with a short campaign of a couple of hours, working as an appetizer to the main dish that is multiplayer. This solo mode will offer just a glimpse of what the developers have in store for the multiplayer version. The developers state that while they didn’t lose their indie roots, the graphics aren’t too far from those usually seen in a commercial game with one or two years, and they are absolutely right. This is one of the most impressive freeware games available, offering some nice explosion and lighting effects.

The story is set on a small island in the Black Sea, where the Brotherhood of NOD settled and created a true fortress and terrorist organization. The NOD managed to capture research specialist Dr. Ignatio Mobius and his daughter Sydney Mobius and now the GDI have to step up and recover these valuable assets before thing turn to worse. So, the “Operation Black Dawn” has a mission to recover the scientists and destroy the NOD base.

It’s as much C&C as a fan-based game can get, with terrain and airborne units inspired by the classic franchise, along with some really cool weapons and great setpieces. Here’s hoping that the multiplayer game is as good as this single player version.

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