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The Cat That Got The Milk

The Cat That Got The MilkThe Cat That Got The Milk is an abstract game that would make famous artist Picasso proud. The premise of a cat and his search for the milk bottle resulted in a game world that seems like it is out of one of our wildest dreams. The cat, that we simply control with the cursor keys in straight lines (much like what we see with the Tron light cycles) is nothing more than a line that has to reach a circle – the milk, actually.

As things progress, levels become more and more complex, difficult and abstract, with all kinds of shapes moving around and resulting in difficult to predict patterns. The 18 levels won’t take much time to complete – about 15 minutes – but this is a night out that every player should try. Maybe this is what it feels like to be a cat walking in the town.

When all is said and done, The Cat That Got The Milk is a different kind of game, one that scores highly mostly due to artistic merit and one that will mess with your senses as well as with your reflexes.

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