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Me and My Shadow

Me and My Shadow free to play puzzle gameMe and My Shadow is a clever open source puzzle platformer from Luka Horvat that looks a lot like Sony’s Echochrome at first glance, but has a different gameplay twist. The goal in this monochrome game is to guide your character or his shadow to the door that ends each level.

If during the first levels the shadow seems like a useless clone of the main character, soon it will be needed to overcome the more complex levels. Cooperative thinking is required to reach the door with any of the two characters. However, the shadow isn’t controlled directly – instead the player ‘records’ the main character moves by pressing the space bar and then the shadow replicates the exact same movements, only with different results.

Different kinds of blocks add variety to the puzzles, such as the darkest ones that are only solid to our shadow, or the fragile ones that break if we step on them too often. Moving blocks require some timing, especially when we need to record our moves and make the shadow do the crossing.

Me and My Shadow has a long and explicit tutorial that introduces us to all of the intricacies of this game. With currently over 40 levels and the option to create more puzzles with the built-in level editor – and particularly the possibility of adding levels created by other players – this is a game that any fan of mindbenders will surely enjoy.

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