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Cherry's Quest For Coffee

Cherrys Quest For CoffeeThere are a few things that would drive people mad if they suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth. Fuel is one and coffee is another. When an unexplained world shortage of coffee makes people run to the stores in search for the last cans, Cherry has to buy some coffee to properly function, much like most of the adults nowadays.

Cherry’s Quest for Coffee is a very short point and click game from Maddoxic and a genuine tribute to the adventures of old such as King’s Quest or Quest For Glory, or even Leisure Suit Larry – although without any of the smuttiness of our beloved bald Casanova. The retro visuals are simple yet effective and it only lacks a score counter to make this game feel just like one of the above. Cherry, a red-headed young woman, has a car in the garage but isn’t exactly careful with the place where she stores her car keys and, even worse, has no money to buy the coffee can. Perhaps she lost it somewhere…

Cherry’s Quest for Coffee can easily be completed in about half an hour, so it’s more of a curiosity and a throwback to classic adventures than a full-blown game. However, fans with some time to spare will surely enjoy it.

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