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Dirchie Kart

Dirchie Kart freeware PC racing games

Dirchie Kart is one for fans of Mario Kart and other fun racing games. Clearly inspired by the Nintendo classic and other games of the 16-bit period, the player races against the computer or joins three friends for exciting races in multiplayer split-screen.

About a dozen tracks are available and can be played in a single race or in the championship mode. Naturally, the tracks are filled with power-ups (eight in total) that are as surprising as devastating to the opponents. Several game modes (battle, drag and time-trial) help spice up the races.

Dirchie Kart was created by a one-man team that did all the graphics, programming and sound and includes a very satisfying physics model and challenging AI. The game is available for purchase on XBLA but is a completely freeware game on PC!

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