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Ghosts in the Machine

Ghosts in the Machine - Free PC Gamers - Free PC GamesGhosts in the Machine is a throwback ahead of its time. On one hand, it's inspired by and modeled after Warlords, a multiplayer 1980's arcade hit. On the other, it's like nothing else out there.

Mastering the game's unusual input scheme is a cornerstone of the challenge. Horizontal mouse movement steers the Cannon, while vertical mouse movement directs the Shield. Three balls roam the field at start, and the death of an enemy unleashes a rampaging Spirit Ball. The game features nine tireless and dynamic A.I. opponents to play against three at a time, promising a close match for players at all skill levels. A simple form of High Score tracks the most difficult victory earned, tempting improvement and increasingly difficult matchups...

Experimental gameplay with roots in a 30-year-old classic, rolled up into a tight, simple, abstract experience.

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