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Trichromic - Free PC Gamers - Free PC GamesMixing 1 part Command & Conquer, 1 part Starcraft, 4 parts Advance Wars, and 4 parts wacky original design yielded this gem: Trichromic. Choose to lead one of three distinct armies out to battle between 2-4 of your friends, either sharing a keyboard or playing at long distance across the internet.

It's muscles (Crimson) vs brains (Cobalt) vs numbers (Pine) over land, sea, and air on a wide variety of built-in landscapes. If you'd like to try your hand at map design, you'll find that the in-game Level Editor gives you the power to create any play area you can dream up! Trichromic includes A.I. to give you an opportunity to learn about your units on the field... but the sooner you can get into matches against your friends, the better - the game was designed around multiplayer!

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