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Free Adventure Games You Must Play (continued)

-5 - What Makes You Tick?----------------------------------------------------------------------

Developer: Matthias Kempke
Theme: Mystery
Released: May 2007


A young man named Nathan is sent by his University to deliver an important message to a retired professor... but while searching around the professor's last known residence, Nathan discovers that he's not the only person seeking the old man and his brilliance.

What Makes You Tick?” is a freeware adventure game by Matt Kempke, that was created using the LASSIE Engine WMYT is a homage to the classic adventure games like “Monkey Island”, “Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis” or “The Dig”, but still it tells its very own story in its very own style. The game was developed over one and a half years and finally released in May 2007.

FreePCGamers review
"What Makes You Tick? is one of the most interesting proposals in the free adventure game genre." - 5/5

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-6 - Broken Sword 2.5: The Return of the Templars ------------------------------------

Developer: mindFactory
Theme: Detective
Released: September 2008


The last months were quite a blow of fate to George Stobbart. First he had to leave Nico for one year because of an important trip to the USA, then his beloved grandfather died of a cancerous growth. But that was not everything. When George receives a telegram from France one day he already has a foreboding of evil. The consigner is Nicole Collard, Paris, France. His presentiment shall turn into cruel certainty: Nico is dead! "First my grandpa and now Nico?", George thinks and takes the first plane to Paris.

On his arrival: Rain, storm, like an appropriate divine answer to George's situation. In Nico's apartment the next shock: Nico is alive. Totally bewildered he tells her about the telegram but Nico seems not to be surprised. On the contrary, she asks George to leave the apartment. She does not seem to take delight in the unexpected reunion.

Still sorting his thoughts in the Cafe della Chandelle Verte–where everything began–George hears an alarming story about Nico from Andre Lobineau making the unpleasant thought germinate in him that the Neo-Templars could still exist…

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-7 - Earl Mansin: The Breakout--------------------------------------------------------------- -

Developer: Adrian Bernstein
Theme: Prison Escape
Released: July 2007


'Earl Mansin: The Breakout' is a fully-voiced inventory-based graphic adventure game. If you've played any of the old Sierra or Lucas Arts adventure classics, you know what to expect.

It uses a GUI similar to the one found in 'Sam & Max Hit The Road' or the VGA version of 'Leisure Suit Larry'.

FreePCGamers review
"Earl Mansin: The Breakout is a great adventure, a bit short but very well designed." - 4/5

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-8 - A Tale of Two Kingdoms -------------------------------------------------------------------

Developer: Crystal Shard
Theme: Medieval / Fantasy
Released: July 2007


A Tale of Two Kingdoms is an epic faerie tale, in the classic style of the famous Sierra and LucasArts graphical adventure games. It is a full-length game with an atmosphere of magic and intrigue.

Featuring five different endings; several sidequests and alternative solutions; teamwork with non-player characters; 75 minutes of high quality music; and director's commentary.

The ancient kingdom of Theylinn is beset by enemies both from within and without. Within the castle walls, nobles vie for the old King's favor, and not everybody is happy with the sole heir to the throne, princess Rhiannon. Meanwhile, danger approaches, in the form of an invading army, a hostile giant, and a mercenary troop who are ancient enemies of the Theylann king. And there is mystery yet. For hidden within the borders of Theylinn lies a second kingdom, named Thierna na Oge, where the faeries reign. Little is known about this shrouded, exotic realm.

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