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Nelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy ReviewNelly Cootalot: Spoonbeaks Ahoy
Do you miss The Secret of Monkey Island? Can’t wait for another pirate adventure? Well, it may take some time until Guybrush Threp... that pirate dude returns, so how about adventuring with another hero?
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Real Life: A Bishoujo Adventure ReviewReal Life: A Bishoujo Adventure
This is the real life of Ivan Ace, a 20-something senior electronics student who ends up living in the same dorm with some extremely cute female juniors from university. At first it's awkward, but...
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Real Race ReviewReal Race
Here’s another contender for the best freeware top-down racing game. Real Race seems to have everything going for it: great graphics, and a nice variety of tracks and vehicles. So, why is it that it turns out lacking?
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Ringed Racing Fun ReviewRinged Racing Fun
Ringed Racing Fun is a free racing game that, despite looking 3D, is a 2D game. The two-dimensional perspective may fool some players, but car models are clearly 2D and that affects the driving.
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Sailor Moon Dating Simulator 3 ReviewSailor Moon Dating Simulator 3
In the visual novel Sailor Moon Dating Simulator 3 the player’s goal is to win the heart of Aino Minako, one of the main characters in the anime series Sailor Moon.
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Sango ReviewSango
‘Put it in’. You’d never guess it, but Sango is the game where this sexual explicit option most appears in dialogue choices. Sure, our character, Guy Focker (!) may be lost in a forest in Japan, in distress...
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Senior Year ReviewSenior Year
Senior Year is a visual novel described by author Ewan Grantham as a story of love, relationships, and fun. And he’s right on the money. To call it a dating sim would also be appropriate, since the player gets to...
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Shark Attack: Deep Sea Adventures ReviewShark Attack: Deep Sea Adventures
Free platform games aren’t exactly rare nowadays, but their quality isn’t often awe-inspiring. So, it’s nice to see something as Shark Attack: Deep Sea Adventures, a fine attempt at the genre.
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Super Mario: Blue Twilight DX ReviewSuper Mario: Blue Twilight DX
Like it or not, Mario is timeless. He's a hero that may get on your nerves, but amidst his dozens of games there are quite a few gems. However, it's Nintendo we're talking about, so no luck for PC gamers.
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The Hunter free pc game ReviewThe Hunter
The Hunter is a free to play first person shooter hunting game, consisting of hunting animals. One thing I must say first is, for a free game it is a beautiful and realistic experience as a lot of work...
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Tumiki Fighters ReviewTumiki Fighters
Tumiki Fighters is the perfect example of a free game that must be played to be fully appreciated. Don’t dismiss it by simply looking at the screenshots, it is in fact a very attractive game...
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The White Chamber ReviewThe White Chamber
The White Chamber is a free point and click adventure game by Studio Trophis. The player stars as Sarah, an obviously anime inspired character in striking contrast to most of the visuals to be found...
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Volvo - The Game ReviewVolvo - The Game
When Volvo first announced the development of a free racing sim based on their cars, it was the name of the studio responsible that gathered the most excitement.
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What Makes You Tick? ReviewWhat Makes You Tick?
What Makes You Tick? is a point and click adventure game by Matthias Kempke, created using the LASSIE engine. It’s also completely free and a nice addition to the collection of those who appreciate...
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