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Free Action, Shoot'em Up, Platformer Games (Page 23)


Iwanaga is an action game that is reminiscent of arcade classics like Cabal and Blood Bros., in which the player has to dodge swarms of bullets while shooting back.

Jables AdventureJables's Adventure

Jables’s Adventure follows the odd story of a young boy named Jables who is supposed to be a hero. He awakens one day with a squid in his head claiming that he is a hero...

Jammer the GardenerJammer the Gardener

Live the life of a aspiring gardener on his quest through several highly dynamic environments spanning the world of Jammer T. The aim of the game is to fight off slugs and wasps.


Jigsaw is a little freeware retro platformer based on one of the titles from the Action 52 package. The player controls a small worker with a nail gun that has to overcome levels...

Johnny Platform Saves Christmas freeware game thumbJohnny Platform Saves Christmas

Johnny Platform Saves Christmas is a freeware game for PC that was previously imagined for Xbox Live Indie Games in 2009. IshiSoft created this hero Johnny Platform...


Guide Jumpman to the exit in this old-school puzzle platforming game with some twists. It features low-definition graphics, gamepad support and a full level editor.


From the developer: Ikaruga is an innovative shooter developed by Treasure; the game gives you the ability to switch "polarity", (white and black) in order absorb the respective colors.

Karnn AgeKarnn Age

Karnn Age is an intense top down survival shooter available on XBox Live Indie Games and PC. It features 9 levels, 4 difficulty levels, 3 epic boss fights...

Karoshi SeriesKaroshi Series

"Karoshi" is Japanese and means "death from overwork". In this series the goal is to die. Often levels work differently than you initially think, surprising you.

KGB HunterKGB Hunter

Save the world from the KGB threat, fight with crowds of deadly armed agents, number of mini-bosses and KGB General aka Big Boss on roads of Europe, USSR, and more.