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Free Action, Shoot'em Up, Platformer Games (Page 39)

Sonic Robo Blast IISonic Robo Blast II

Sonic, the fastest blue hedgehog in the world, keeps on fighting evil Dr. Eggman with the help of his friends Tails and Knuckles. Jump higher and run faster than ever.

Sonic the Hedgehog Adventure 3Sonic the Hedgehog Adventure 3

This is a fun 8-level sonic fangame including a 3D chao garden. Chose Sonic Tails or Knuckles and go on your quest to stop Metal Sonic from blowing up the planet.

Sonic Ultra 3Sonic Ultra 3

Sonic Ultra 3 is another free Sonic game for download and one where the famous hedgehog has the company of two friends: Tails and Knuckes. The first one is able to fly...

Space Chunks II: Lair of the Chunk LordsSpace Chunks II

Created by George Thornton, Space Chunks II is one of those fast-paced freeware PC games inspired by classic shooters. The beautiful graphics and sound will keep...

Space FurySpace Fury

This is a remake of Space Fury. The original arcade game was made in 1981 by Gremlin. The player pilots a spaceship and battles against 20 waves of alien ships led by 4 boss creatures.

Special AgentSpecial Agent

Special Agent is a platform game by David K Newton, with graphics by J Freude. It was based on Apogee Software's Secret Agent from 1991. This game continues the platform/puzzle...


Spelunky is a cave exploration / treasure-hunting game inspired by classic platform games and roguelikes, where the goal is to grab as much treasure from the cave as possible.

Spheres of ChaosSpheres of Chaos

A Psychedelic arcade game Created by Iain McLeod. Spheres of Chaos is a spectacular space shooter. It's now freeware, because coming soon is a shiny new version.

Spiky HaroldSpiky Harold

This is a remake of “Spiky Harold” – a classic 2D style platform game originally released for the Spectrum and Amstrad computers by Firebird Software Ltd in 1986.

Sprint: King of the JungleSprint: King of the Jungle

Sprint: King of the Jungle is as cute as free arcade platformer games come. Guide Sprint, a super fast lion across the jungle obstacles by using his imposing roar to...