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Free Action, Shoot'em Up, Platformer Games (Page 32)


Outbound is a fabulous freeware game that features full mechanized combat. This overhead shoot-em 'up is sort of an arcade version of MechWarrior.

Patrol FalconPatrol Falcon

Patrol Falcon is a remake of Falcon patrol, an old C64 classics by Steve Lee, in which players have to defend their ground resources from waves after waves of enemy planes.

Pekka Kana 2Pekka Kana 2

Pekka Kana 2 (Pekka the Rooster 2) is a jump 'n run game made in the spirit of old classic platformers such as Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Jazz Jackrabbit, Super Frog...

Pete: The Laid-Back RabbitPete: The Laid-Back Rabbit

Pete: the Laid-Back Rabbit is a free action game featuring three different worlds, one mini-game and a cool rabbit. One day he is watching TV and a vortex suddenly appears...


The students from the DigiPen Institute of Technology keeps on offering us great free games such as Tag: The Power of Paint or Attack of the 50ft Robot! and PhaseOut is another one.

Phenomenon 32Phenomenon 32

Phenomenon 32 is a free 2D exploration/platforming game with RPG elements. Follow the story of humanity’s last survivors and their desperate attempt to secure...

Pirates of New HorizonsPirates of New Horizons

Pirates of New Horizons isn’t a full game like the majority we post here, since there’s no free game yet to post. Actually, this is a prototype showing the qualities of a game that indie studio...

Pixel Force HaloPixel Force Halo

Tired of seeing millions of colors and high definition graphics? You’re a huge fan of Halo and the Master Chief adventures? Then you’re in luck! Eric Ruth created a Halo demake...

Pogo StickerPogo Sticker

This is no ordinary platformer! Pogo Sticker is what happens when you make a "Jump 'n Run" game but leave out the Run. It means non-stop jumping from the beginning to the finish line!


Polarity is a 2D platforming/puzzle game based on magnetism. The goal is to navigate environments and solve puzzles by using your suit's magnetic properties in interesting ways.