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From the DigiPen Institute of Technology and Great Games (we added that last part) comes Perspective, another brilliantly experimental and free PC game. Described by its authors as an experimental first person puzzle game, Perspective could be seen as an evolution of the idea behind Echochrome and will also remind you of indie hit Fez.

In this game, the player uses two different modes of control to finish the levels: one is a first person camera moving freely in the 3D space while the other is the avatar that is circumscribed to the 2D world that he has to navigate. You have to move around in 3D to align paths so that the avatar may reach its goal.

Perspective is a great game and one that will leave you scratching your head, thinking about which position you need to be in order for the avatar to advance. Clever and technically sound, it’s a must for fans of original ideas.

Free Full PC Game Download (97 MB):
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