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While Sega infinitely delays the release of a new Jet Set Radio game, Zineth is a good and free alternative to the popular cel-shaded skate game. The students from the indie studio Arcane Kids created Zineth in a few months with the goal of “celebrating speed, movement and twitter.”

In Zineth you play as a rollerskating guy in a cowboy hat and with some big, artificial limbs that leaves a Tron-like trail behind him. This craziness is common to the rest of the game, a fast, open world adventure where you can go really fast in garishly colored environments, skating, grinding and gliding. You can accept missions or just zip around in the large map, exploring the terrain and running on walls, make huge jumps and even rewind when you think you’ve made a mistake.

You can accept missions using your phone and even play a mini-game in it while still zipping around the scenery. Zineth is ridiculous and also ridiculously fun to play, a concept so different and so disregardful of videogame conventions that it just shouldn’t work. Yet it does, and brilliantly.

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