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Ib is a game that will make you look at art museums in a very different light. A freeware horror game for PC developed with RPG Maker, this is one of the most popular free games of its genre. Ib is a nine year-old girl who visits a museum with her parents but suddenly things take a turn for the worse, with everyone vanishing and strange things happening in the museum.

Although incredibly easy to play, Ib has some genius moments that will make even the most hardened horror fan jump in terror. Proving that you don’t need 3D graphics and thousands of polygons to create a chilling atmosphere, Ib resorts to the ingeniousness of its designers to offer a compelling experience. Each room seems to have a new surprise, a new touch that will either amaze or shock you.

Along the way you’ll meet a couple of important characters, Garry and Mary, but we won’t spoil their part since your relationship with them will eventually affect the outcome of the game. Ib offers several endings depending on your choices, so choose carefully.

Ib is one of the best horror games, an atmospheric experience that any horror fan should play. Along with games such as Yume Nikki, Ao Oni and The Witch’s House, Ib is proof that a vivid imagination is worth a millionaire development budget.

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