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The Briefcase

The Briefcase is a free horror game in the style of the recent wave that we can say that begun with Slender (or with Hide, for those who look a year before that surprising title). In this game, you enter a desolate warehouse looking for the briefcase, but nothing is known about its contents. You also don’t know the reason why the warehouse is now completely empty, with no living soul in sight. You’re not the only one craving the briefcase though – there’s someone (or something) that doesn’t want you to take it.

One thing where The Briefcase is successful is in the atmosphere, with a daunting, decaying warehouse that acts as a perfect setting for a horror game. Based on the usual tropes of the latest horror games, there’s a desolate place to explore, sound effects and jump scares placed at exactly the right place and a mysterious, terrifying creature that watches our every step.

However, The Briefcase is a game that won’t last more than ten minutes, enough time to experience a couple of nice events and to gaze at the nice graphics, but it could do with some more locations and glimpses of the aforementioned creature. It is, however, totally worthy for fans of indie horror games.

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