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Sugar Rush

Sugar Rush is a free indie action game with a sugary theme, set in a candy world that isn’t as delicious as it would seem. Think of this game as God of Candy, since we control a little girl with pigtails that uses a large candy to hit her enemies, comprised mostly of walking – and fighting – carrots, tomatoes that have legs and look like spiders and some hulking doctor-like thingie with a big hook. You’ll also cross a crazy-looking cowboy who likes to shoot toothpaste and jump backwards in a way that would make any astronaut proud.

Besides a quick but weak attack and a slower but stronger attack, the player has a big jump attack (space key) and left shift makes the girl slide away from the heat of the battle. The latter is slightly awkward in the animation department and the game doesn’t particularly shine in the collision detection, making it a sometimes frustrating experience.

When enemies are defeated they leave sugar cubes behind, which in turn fill our sugar-o-meter (let’s call it that). When this meter is full, you’re able to transform from the fairly cute little girl into a quite frankly horrible creature with one big eye, bald and a larger appetite for destruction by pressing the ‘Q’ key. The 3D camera can be freely controlled with the mouse and there’s a nice touch in a way that the candy weapon is partially destroyed during the action.

Graphics are properly sweet, with huge apples, ice cream and all manner of frosty cake, but the enemies are occasionally twisted, as well as the “sugar rushed” girl. A few bugs hinder the experience, including disappearing enemies that block progression and force a restart. However, it’s a nice game dressed in an original aesthetic that surely won’t please everyone but is absolutely deserving of an attentive look.

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