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Astrobunny is another game created by students of the Digipen Institute of Technology and, just like other titles from this reputed institution, it shares several attributes – it’s free to download and play, it’s polished and tries to be somewhat original.

The tutorial explains all the mechanics of Astrobunny, which will get us ready for the 9 levels (plus one credits level) that comprise the game. Each level will take you no longer than a couple of minutes (restarts not included), so the game never outstays its welcome.

This is a puzzle game at heart, pushed by some strong mechanics that could easily develop into a commercial title for digital platforms. The goal is to take our space bunny home by driving him from planet to planet, collecting all the orbs that will turn a sad planet into a happy planet. We have no idea why this would bring him home, but bear with us. The thing is, you have to steer him from orbit to orbit without losing more than a few seconds between each one, or you’ll end up lost in space. Completely controlled with the mouse, our spaceship requires a lot of precision, since planets that don’t have orbits are deadly obstacles. You have to keep a keen eye on the cursor, which shows the spaceship’s condition, besides the time it can stand out of orbit.

We should also mention the planets that speed up your ship and, most importantly, the fire and ice ones. The ship has a temperature meter and we can’t stay more than a few seconds in these planets’ orbits, or we’ll burn/freeze to death. Juggling between the fire and ice planets is of vital importance.

That being said, Astrobunny is very easy to get into and won’t take long to finish. It’s a nice freeware puzzle game with some colorful graphics and charming enough for any fan of the genre.

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