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Which free indie PC horror gameWhich is a brilliant freeware short horror game by Mike Inel and one of the best examples of how some imagination can go a long way to instill fear in the player. The theme is nothing out of the ordinary – the recurrent haunted house – but the execution is brilliant and extremely original. The atmosphere is amazingly creepy, the house is completely dark and only lightened by the blinding sun that comes through the windows, the silence is deafening and the only goal is to escape what could turn out to be your final destination.

The writing on the walls brilliantly explains the simple controls and the heartbeat you hear near the kitchen will give you chills. A couple of minutes exploring (the house is small, with just the ground and second floor and little more than half a dozen doors) will bring the horrifying revelation – we are not alone in the house. Worse still, the being that is also trapped in the house is a headless and heartless ghost of dubious intentions. It seems that it wants to leave the house as badly as you, so what could it be up to? Perhaps if we restore the head or the heart, it could help us get out…

The sense of dread and restlessness is unrelenting through every inch of the house, greatly added by the amazing visual choices for Which. All in black and white and with some amazing bloom effects, the result is very original and is probably the closest to what a nightmare would look like if we could put it in images. Although the game can be completed less than 10 minutes when you know what you’re doing, the first playthrough will surely take a lot longer, not only because of having to explore the house to find the keys and other necessary objects, but also due to the oppressive and lingering presence of the bloodcurdling inhabitant, who insists on following us around for some reason we’re yet to find out.

Which is an amazing and free short horror game that is compulsively devoured until we discover the two very different endings. There are a couple of horrible shocks that aren’t for the faint of heart, but the overall tone of the game is capable of giving the player recurrent shivers.

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