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Hiba Ninja

Ninjas are usually a swift bunch. They can do things mere mortals can’t, including running as fast as the wind and starring in videogames created by students from the German Game Academy. That’s the case with Hiba Ninja, a game where players have to reach the end of the levels with the best time possible. It’s commonly known as a run and jump platformer, but one that is incredibly polished in the graphics department and with some intuitive controls (although wall-jumping will take some time to properly learn).

The Ninja must run through several hazards including the terrifying death pits, but he will also succumb to a simple knock in the head – this is true, just try sliding under a log and if the slide wasn’t long enough the ninja has no option but to get up, bang his head and evaporate in a cloud of smoke. Minor niggles aside, this is an addictive game that even features a ghost ninja of our best performance, pretty much like we are used to see in racing games and other competitive titles.

The tutorial is the first step in this game and will quickly teach us the basics of the game – but that wall-jump will leave players scratching their heads. When were done with these few levels it´s time to get to the serious stuff, meaning the basic and difficult sections. The ninja can reach high speeds and things can get infuriatingly fast, so it’s a game for those with fast reflexes and nerves of steel. When the ninja completes the level he shows his mad skills with some acrobatic movements. Hiba Ninja is Canabalt for the new generation, but here you have more keys besides jumping and the screen only scrolls when we decide to make the ninja run.

Hiba Ninja is a great game that only suffers from one major problem – the dodgy wall-jump syndrome. Although practice will make you overcome some obstacles with relative ease, this issue is capable of destroying your performance and the great time you were doing so far. However, it’s polished, cute and addictive, so definitely give it a try.

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