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Blink is a free 2D puzzle platformer from the talented students of the Digipen Institute of Technology. This game is centered on a teleporting mechanic that will take us through several puzzles. Your character is a cute little robot-looking alien who looks like a robot and has that essential ability to navigate the side-scrolling map.

You don’t have any kind of weapon to kill enemies – the only thing you can do is avoid them by using your teleporting ability, something that you have to master to progress. Luckily, the game begins with some quick instructions that teach us the fundamentals of the controls. Basically you use the right mouse button to project your beam to antennas, crates or mirrors that deflect it and then press the left mouse button to teleport and, in some situations, exchange positions with the said object. Naturally, the objects are placed in a way that will make the game a linear exercise, more of a case of getting inside the designer’s heads than of freely experimenting with the teleporting mechanic. That being said, there are a few puzzles where some freedom can be experienced, sometimes in a way that the game wasn’t expecting. There’s even a boss that will take some thinking to conquer.

One of the most common puzzles is the kind that asks you to place a crate on top of a platform, deactivating a barrier that hindered our progress. This sometimes requires the use of mirrors to reach the crates and then teleport to locations that our alien otherwise wouldn’t reach. Although he is capable of jumping, this is useful only for overcoming simple platforms.

Graphically Blink is really pleasing to the eye, with beautiful, lively colors and different layers of scrolling scenery that add to the illusion of depth. There’s a successful cardboard feel to the visuals and the piano music really suits the game.

Blink is a beautiful achievement, a relaxing experience for players who like to test their wits in a free indie game that looks and sounds poetic. Fans of puzzle games shouldn’t hesitate to download this game.

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