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Slenderman's Shadow

Slendermans Shadow free PC horror gameThe Slenderman myth is reaching astonishing heights, all thanks to the free indie Slender game. Although it wasn’t the first game based on the horrifying creature, Slender gave it the push it needed to be an even bigger Internet phenomenon. The newfound attention resulted in a new game that is as much a tribute as it can get, even if some may think that’s not the exact word to describe Slenderman's Shadow.

Slenderman's Shadow is based on the same nightmare-inducing gameplay elements from the original Slender game, meaning that the player has to collect a few pieces of paper while avoiding the all-pervading Slenderman. The oppressing atmosphere is well reconstructed and while the indoor areas may seem to some less scary than the haunting forest at night, dread is still accompanying the player at every step.

The first two maps revealed, the Hospice and the Sanatorium, aren’t exactly too different from each other. The other upcoming maps (in undisclosed quantity) should add some variety, beginning with the Elementary. Hopefully the creators of these maps won’t forget popular scary settings such as the classic cabin in the woods, a ghost town or a haunted hotel, but these are just some of our wishes. The maps could also be more realistic, with more furniture and other objects, since everything still looks like a long succession of corridors (and that brings us to another horror game, The Corridor). The sound, which is something that adds so much to the creepy atmosphere in Slender, is as much spine-chilling as it was before, with the music become more and more haunting as we collect the pieces of the puzzle.

Slenderman is all the rage nowadays and fans can’t seem to get enough of it, so Slenderman's Shadow really is a good idea based upon a very original game.

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