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Ruins free indie emotional adventure gameSome games are just magical. Sometimes even the barest approach is enough to touch players and make them feel more involved with a game than the most expensive of the triple-A productions. Journey is one of those games and Ruins is another one. The visual identity and ability to move players may seem similar in both titles but the gameplay and story approach is in fact completely different between them.

Ruins is a free indie game that is best experienced without any previous knowledge of what it is all about. Initially it’s all open for interpretation but soon enough we’ll figure out what is actually going on in this shadowy, dreamlike landscape, where a dog chases rabbits one after another. That being said, we can’t help but talk about the game, since it managed to deeply move us.

This isn’t a game for those who just love fast-paced shooters or exciting role-playing games. In fact, this is more of a short book, a tale about a dog and his owners and the revelation of the life they had in common, from the time he was taken as a puppy in a cardboard box. Although the story may reach its conclusion in less than half an hour, the dialogs offer different paths and they can completely change the flow of the narrative. A second and a third playthrough is mandatory to find out the diverse ways in which things may unfold, and each time we discover new facts that just won’t leave us jaded.

The beautiful and haunting piano music plays a big part in the sentimental tone of the game, even macabre, dare we say, being simultaneously catching and unnerving.

If you have a heart then you’ll thoroughly enjoy Ruins, even more if you happen to have a dog that you really love. It’s a game, or better, an experience that will make you see man’s best friend in a different light and realize just how special they are and what a big role they play in our lives.

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