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While the movie Expendables united several of the greatest cinema action stars of all time, there’s still a game to do the same thing. Now, an entry to the Give Ludum 23 is sure to correct that oversight. Rambros is a freeware game with a nostalgic feel, both in gameplay terms and in the action stars lookalikes that are part of it. Four of the greatest - Sylvester Stallone, B.A. from the A-Team, Chuck Norris and Dolph Lundgreen are out for revenge and to uphold the spirit of the United States of Bromerica.

Rambros is a retro pixel-art platformer with a great look and feel, offering old-school gameplay that just feels right. The four different characters have different weapons that completely change the way the player faces the enemies and navigates the environment – there’s a shotgun, a machine gun, a rocket launcher and a flamethrower, as well as grenades for all of them. They can also climb any kind of wall by using their knives. The neat twist comes from the fact that the terrain is destructible, adding an extra layer to the gameplay and offering many possibilities of approaching the relentless enemies. Although this short game is very tough and occasionally frustrating (the checkpoints are very distant), the Rambros have infinite lives, so it’s not so bad when we have to restart. Beware though – if you destroy the ground in random ways you may not be able to cross over some precipices and have to exit the game.

With all that said, it’s time for the sad part – Rambros is far from complete. At the current state it’s little more than a short level and when we reach the end there’s a chasm and that’s it. No Bros high fiving, no Bromerica salute, just emptiness and the wish that the game would be longer and had some conclusion to it. With the theme music still in our heads, we hope that the Black Ships Fill the Sky team go ahead and really improve on the game.

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