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Cosmos Quest IV: The Ayatolian March

Cosmos Quest 4 The Ayatolian March free PC indie adventure gameThe amazing Cosmos Quest freeware adventure series has a fourth chapter named Cosmos Quest IV: The Ayatolian March. Once again, Bulgarian indie developer Ilia created a great point and click adventure inspired by Sierra’s Space Quest series, as he humbly acknowledges. There’s even a score at the top of the screen, just like in the classics.

The main character is Nia, a returning character from the series and she’s caught in the middle of an intergalactic dispute. The intro of the game gives us some background on the previous chapters, setting the scene for The Ayatolian March, which begins with a commonplace in videogames – the player finds himself inside a prison.

The interface is practical but could be improved in some aspects to make the game flow perfectly, mainly the mouse wheel that could scroll between actions – walk, look, use, talk and the object at hand. The right mouse button could also be used to deselect objects in the inventory, but these are small niggles for a game of such quality. Nia is a fast walker so we don’t have to wait for her to move around and a double click immediately takes us to the next room.

Gameplay is familiar and the puzzles aren’t very obscure, but they’re capable of stumbling us a few times. There’s the occasional need for desperate pixel-hunting now and then, since some objects are quite small and tend to blend perfectly – too perfectly, we might add – in the beautiful backgrounds. Some clever sound effects punctuate the actions and add atmosphere to this space adventure of reasonable length. While the Space Quest series may in fact return in one way or another, the Cosmos Quest games are the closest that fans may get to that classic franchise (minus the humor) without actually controlling a character named Roger Wilco.

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